Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology

Water hammer and cavitational hammer investigation, calculating and preventing

Pressure surge (or condensation hammer), often called Water hammer and cavitational hammer resp., always occur, whenever the flow velocity of the transported fluid - mostly liquids - is rapidly changed, comparable to a car being driven against a tree.

So the pipe pressure in a water pipe of DN 100 and flow rate of 100 cbm/h can increase from 6 to 40 bar and the power of a pipe support from 0,5 to 30 kN within a short time due to pipe damage or due to fast shut off (modern bath valves, shower stopper, fast closing valves). It is mostly the END of fix points designed against wind and weight forces. The impacts are twisted/broken pipes, leakages, failure of measurement instrumentation or even inevitable incidents.

Fraunhofer UMSICHT investigates and calculates water hammer and cavitational hammer in pipe systems by employing ultra- modern measurement instrumentation and commercial software tools. Furthermore, Fraunhofer UMSICHT offers customer-oriented solutions for the prevention of water hammer and cavitational hammer.

Calculation software for transient flow validation and improvement

Using experiment data from our test rig calculation software for transient flows can be tested. On the basis of experiment results the calculation software can be validated and improved.

One-phase and multi-phase flows on site and at UMSICHT‘S own pilot plant pipework - tests and simulations

With the latest measurement instrumentation Fraunhofer UMSICHT investigates one-phase and multi-phase flows on site as well as at UMSICHT's own test rig. Using the latest simulation programmes fluid processes and structure dynamic processes in pipelines can be predicted.

Valves, pumps and measurement instrumentation pressure surge investigation and improvement

At our small and large test rigs in Oberhausen, the capacity and stability of valves, pumps and measurement instruments are tested against hydrodynamic surges.

On the basis of these experiment results, engineering measures for the protection of instruments against pressure surges can be taken.

Pipes and pipelines design and optimization

Fraunhofer UMSICHT designs optimum plant and pipe construction. For already existing plants, UMSICHT offers problem and customer oriented solution.

Besides the common solutions, UMSICHT also offers the implementation of innovative product solutions which have been developed by the institute‘s scientists, e.g. PCD and KAVITAS®.

Expertise and technical consulting for industry and public utilities

With a main focus on safety and availability of pipelines and pipe systems Fraunhofer UMSICHT conducts expert studies and offers customers technical consulting services.