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Pipe Technology

Pipe systems are an important part of an intercontinental network of a transport system for liquids (water, waste water, chemicals, oil), gas, vapor and solidmaterials.

Corrosion as well as mechanical and transient flows may cause severe damages which lead to creeping environment catastrophes (oil pipelines) or even fire and explosions (chemicals and gas supply).

The damages in the pipelines and their supports usually cause a minor part of the costs - compared to the “big” deflagrations, fires or explosions - but it can lead to short MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure). Deformed pipe bends and parts of pipes, damaged measurement instrumentation and pipe leakages are clear indications for the typical effects of unsteady state flow processes (the so called “transient flow”) in pipelines: water hammer, cavitational hammer and vibrations.

Fraunhofer UMSICHT investigates one-phase and multi-phase flows on the institute’s own plant pipework as well as directly on site. The use of the latest commercial calculation software and latest measurement instrumentation are therefore inevitable. Together with research institutes and international partners from different industrial sectors, e.g. pipe construction, chemical industry, power plant engineering, oil, gas and water supply we find customer- oriented solutions which optimize the safety and availability of pipeline networks.

Fraunhofer UMSICHT offers you a competent consulting in improving your pipe system. For investigations at the modular constructed test rig at the institute as well as for pressure surge measurement on site the most advanced measurement instrumentation is available. Furthermore the latest commercial software tools for calculation of pressure surges and for the simulation of operational process are used. Within the European research and development network SurgeNet Fraunhofer UMSICHT cooperates with competent industrial partners and carries research on all areas of pipe technology.